Introducing Pro-Lapse, the Free Timelapse Calculator

Hi I’m Hayden, creator of, the free timelapse calculator.

Amongst other things, I’m a keep amateur photographer and timelapse photographer. I’ve always had a passion for technical things and so I naturally enjoyed learning about photography. Setting Aperture, shutter speed, ISO. Getting the balance between the three can lead to some magical photographs.

Taking photography to the next level, I discovered timelapse photography. Somewhere between photography and cinematography, timelapse captures events that are you are often not able to capture.

Timelapse photography has it’s own set of difficulties though. As well as the usual ISO, shutter speed and aperture, you have to now keep on top of setting the correct shot rate, recording length and final video length. Calculating these can be a pain. To ease this pain, I created Pro-Lapse!